Play Live Poker with your friends. 
Never shuffle cards again.

Do you enjoy live poker?
Do you look forward to invite friends over for a fun poker night?
Do you value a poker experience that is electrifying and lightning quick, 
but also atmospheric and old school?

Try Electric Poker Dealer today!
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Free for up to three players.

As many players as the deck allows after in-app purchase.
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“Electric Poker Dealer just manages the cards, and otherwise gets out of my way. You can use chips or cash, play limit or no-limit, this is up to you, not the app. It is so much more convenient than even the most premium plastic cards could be. And these actually wear off and need to be replaced regularly. Just imagine, I almost bought a fully automatic $600 card shuffler before I discovered this app! 

Run your own card room on your local Wi-Fi network

Your tablet running Electric Poker Dealer acts as a server, and players can connect to it with their own devices, like smart phones or tablets. For that to work, the device of each player must connect to the same Wi-Fi network as your tablet. You don’t even need an internet connection, but just a local network. So if you want to run your poker game in some isolated mountain cabin without any internet connection, that will work too! 

Take your seat by simply scanning a QR code

Simply scan the QR code appearing on the tablet with your device, and you will be seated by opening a link in your browser. Most popular browsers and devices are supported. Make sure your device can access the same Wi-Fi your tablet runs on!

Variety of Community Card Poker Games

You can choose between a variety of poker games. Among the currently supported games are Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo. If you fancy something more exotic, try Shortdeck poker or Greek Hold'em!

Instant Poker Odds

Optionally, you can let Electric Poker Dealer display the equity of each player’s hand at showdown. Additionally, Electric Poker Dealer can even figure out instantly the odds / equity of each player’s hand before showdown! It just assumes that all the other players still in the hand have random hole cards, and computes your chances based on that. That is a very useful feature for beginners, or if you want to get a feeling for a game you are not used to, like 6+ Hold’em.